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Q: hi I'm wanting to make a model to submit to steam and I was wondering if you have any good tips or tut's, for example poly count, dose it need to be triangulated because iv made it in maya

Hey man! For Dota items, everything you need to know (including poly counts) can be found on the Dota 2 Workshop info page here: . You can find texture sizes and poly counts by clicking on any of the heroes available. The Art Guide, Texture Guide, and Shader Mask guide linked near the top are insanely helpful, I recommend reading those over!

Maya is actually what Valve uses so you’re in luck. Here’s a great tutorial by Lennyagony on how to model, texture, and import a Dota 2 item (although he uses 3ds Max for the modeling process) 

You can also check out some artist live streams for some insight on the process. Check out some of Anuxi’s here (click the videos button for recorded streams. Bonus: She uses Maya as well) :

Anyway, I hope those are helpful! Good luck :)

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Finished up a loading screen for my Mirana Spring2014 set! (workshop link)
Finished up a Mirana set for the upcoming Spring2014 CNY Dota Event :D Check it out on the workshop~~
Sketched up a hairdo concept for our lord and saviour Windrunner Windranger Wind Waifu. Gonna be tackling this as a single item but might make a set if I can come up with other piece ideas :)